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Image by Camylla Battani

We are so delighted to announce that we can now welcome dogs into our little courtyard space to join you in a spot of painting. We have parasols for shade, water for thirsty dogs & lots of pottery ideal for their little paw prints.

We have our own dogs so we know just how wonderful they are. There is nothing that compares to the love & bond you can have with a dog and we know just how sad it is when they pass away. 

Paw prints are a beautiful way to freeze their cute little bean like paws in time. They make a wonderful gift for family and friends or a precious keepsake to allow their memory to live on.

These sessions should be booked online as usual, just let us know how many dogs you wish to bring.

We offer a commission service to help you design and create your paw printed pottery pieces. We can offer to simply write their name for you or go the extra mile and create something truly bespoke to you & your best four paw'd friend. Our friendly staff will help you choose the perfect colour palette and design and we will ensure that every piece is finished to perfection. This will be done after you leave the shop but before it gets kilned & collected.

How it works...

1. Book a table on a day to suit you & make a note when booking that its for paw prints & select how many dogs will attend with you. Please ensure the hair is trimmed around the paws before your appointment as it will not work otherwise.

2. Come in with a friend if possible to ensure someone can be with the dogs outside while choosing your pottery. 

3. Choose your pottery item - Plates, mugs, jugs, tiles and coasters are perfect for paw printing on.

4. Paint your dogs paws with your chosen colour

5. Place the paw on your pottery with slight pressure and lift of quickly.

6. Clean your dogs paws thoroughly with blue roll & water. 

7. Either decorate the rest yourself or leave it to us with instruction to create some magic on the item. (see below for prices)

* NB - Please note, our staff have been instructed not to help with the dogs themselves as our insurance doesn't cover this. They can assist you in what you may need but they cannot physically help with the actual animal.


Please get in touch with us for a more precise quote but to give you an example of price...

You'll pay for the item you choose, plus...


  • Name only £4

  • Name & short message £6

  • Short message £4

  • Name and some images (hearts, stars etc)  £6 - £8

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