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Hand, Foot & Bum Prints

Your baby is growing, first a week, then a month and then a year... It's time to freeze a moment in time by printing their little tootsies, hands and bottom. 

The Little Pottery Painting Co. is more than just a café or an art studio. We can help you capture your precious babies prints and turn them into something tangible that can be enjoyed for years to come by you, family or friends.


Our commission service is here to help you design and create your printed pottery pieces and this service includes us helping you capture your babas hand, foot or bum prints, writing ages, names, art work etc making each item truly unique. Our friendly staff will help you choose the perfect colour palette and design and we will ensure that every piece is finished to perfection.

How it works...

1. Book a table on a day to suit you & make a note when booking that its for a keepsake piece and how many prints/pieces its for.

2. Come in & choose your pottery

3. Capture your babies hand, foot or bum prints - we can help you with this.

4. Lastly, you have two options... You can decorate the item yourself, this way you’ll only pay for the item itself OR we can give you ideas and decorate it for you as part of our commission service.


Please get in touch with us for a more precise quote but to give you an example of price...

You'll pay for the item you choose, plus...


  • Age & Name only £4

  • Age, Name & Message £6

  • Message £4

  • Name, age and some images (hearts, stars etc)  £6 - £8

  • Making the prints into something such as a dinosaur, reindeer, pumpkin etc £6-10

  • Full decoration inc writing & drawing £12-£16

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